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After reading the description, I was very impressed with the idea. While I was indeed more excited for Team Skull than Team Flare as th...

I'm use to your usual style of CG flash style and so far you've mastered it. I'm also not big on images that try too much to make one f...

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Coming soon I'll be uploading Pokemon gijinkas of characters I'm making for a series.  Now I'm of the firm believer that while your imagination has no limits when it comes to what you can do.  However, without personal limits things become a mix so I've come up with a system of 3 rules for Pokemon and types.  I'll post these entries as I find a niche for these types, but in the meantime I'll post my personal base rules for ALL gijinkas regardless of Pokemon type.
1. Keep it rated PG at most.  No arguements, no exceptions, this is going to either be E for everyone or E-10.  Absolutely no rule 34.
2. Maintain original colors.  Because I'm going into keeping human skin colors, the color pallid of the clothes will be that of the Pokemon they represent.  The only exceptions will be if a Pokemon has too few colors, then I might spice things up, blue jeans go with about everything, and (of course) if I want to do an Equestria Girls style.
3. Size matters.  Unlike most gijinka creators, I'll be keeping the original heights of the Pokemon.  It might not seem noticeable at first, until there's more than one gijinka on the page at a time.  It's going to be fun when I ship an Onix character with a Scyther.
Those are my core rules, let me know what you think and once I get a blender colored pencil, you folks will be seeing some great designs. 


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I'm writer as well as a gourmet chef as a hobby and an aspiring character designer.


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Hey there, my friend! You saw one of my deviations, and it led you to suggesting I make this, and so I did!
Movie Recipies-Lorax Cob Salad by jpbelow
I hope you get some laughs out of it!
JoeBagzEnterprises93 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Solid job, you've obviously put in an effort to make a good product. :D
jpbelow Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank-you! I always make an effort to make my effort reflect in my smaller projects, so that when I become a creator that sells big projects all across the country/world, it will reflect in those as well.
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